Monday, June 19, 2006

Bulumko and Blessed Assurance!

My access to computers has been about as great as my healthy diet of bread, butter, and donuts of late, so this will be a short post with many stories to follow tomorrow.

In the almost weeks time, much has happened here in Cape Town, and particularly Khayelitsha. To name a few:

-BULUMKO, or wisdom...I received my Xhosa name from the six guys that I live with in Khayelitsha (before they got to know me as well as they do now). Now I walk in and Sebu (house clown) hollers, "MR. BULUMKO!" And we all laugh. They also introduce me as Bulumko as we go around Khayelitsha and visit their families.

-The mentorish-character in the house is a 27 year old preacher named Jack. Everybody in the house calls him "Man of God." We have two bedrooms in the house (3 rooms total) and I am in the bedroom with Man of God. Every night, he plays a Gospel (almost opera-like) song on repeat. Imagine going to bed with "Blessed Assurance, Jesus is MIIIIIIIIIIIINE" in a loud, burly voice playing in the background when you go to sleep, oh yes, AND when you wake up...and dream of it too. I guess I should feel assured. The other popular song goes, "JOY, JOY, JOY in my SOUL." So everyday, I start singing "JOY" and all of the guys in the house fall over laughing as they do their own impersonations.

AGH! SO many more stories, but my ride back is calling. Many more coming with more of a general idea of what has been happening here. I am alive and well, though, and loving life in Khayelitsha, though we've had our moments! Until tomorrow!

Miss you all!

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