Wednesday, July 19, 2006

aweful communication

Many more stories to post up for the rap-up of South Africa, but my email access these last two weeks has been terrible. For a couple of highlights to come:

-Met up with the UNC/Duke group here for 9 days of camping and safari. Charged by a giraffe while on a drive in botswana-- was within touching distance and had elephants run in front of our car. Saw lots of crazy animals and got to sit in the co-pilot seat of one of the tiny planes as we flew around botswana, namibia, zambia, and zimbabwe. Also got to whitewater raft the zambezi (and swallow enough to give me all kinds of interesting creatures)!

-said my goodbyes to those I worked with at the warehouse and to the HIV support group I have come to love. Closed things out by being sent forth with an amazing blessing of "besuka bamlamdela", a song about the disciples leaving to follow Christ. And got to see my bros from Khayelitsha for the last time-- and watch as they each ate 8 pieces of chicken on my bill :-) and the bones too...

-Met up with UNC friend Crister who has been working in Mozambique and surfing for the last few days in Cape Town. Reminisced of our times in Southern Africa that have changed our lives in so many ways (including majors, life paths) and dragged him along all day through cape town hoping to make a hike that never happened.

-Been spending the last four days in Simon's Town (near capetown, on the water) right off the navy base with 6 of the most incredible duke div students. I've had a chance to go sailing in the Indian ocean, see Robben Island for the first time, break all the rules and go hiking on forbidden parts of Cape Point-- even after we were told multiple times to turn back (it was definitely worth it), and enjoy my last chance in the markets of downtown Cape Town. We have also run up table mountain (living hell of a hike but gorgeous) and spent the nights in amazing debriefing sessions with Dr. Storey hearing stories from all over south africa, of both pain and hope, weakness and power. THOSE STORIES TO COME!

Sorry for the lack of interesting and fun details. My time has run out but I will fill the last in when I get home in two days, leaving this sunny, springlike weather to return to the Memphis heat. AGH! Look forward to catching up with all of you!


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NotThatGirl said...

write on, dear brother. can't wait to hear your stories...